Sponsors are those individuals, and organizations, who wish to declare, “publicly,” their faith in Jesus Christ (who is the Jewish Messiah) ‐‐ and, who (in support of The Messianic Pledge, and of what we are doing for the entire Body of Christ, worldwide) have purchased a display ad (if you will), to make a very bold “confession” of their faith, for the entire world to see.

We are in a spiritual war, over what men will believe, and therefore then do (because of what they believe) ‐‐ and, since we (as Christians) know, that we must confess our faith in Jesus, and in His Word, “publicly” (so that He will confess us, when we need Him to), we are doing exactly that, over and above simply being baptized in water.

Therefore, we encourage every Believer to take a stand, with us, so that we might “overcome” the devil (and all that he brings into people’s lives), by the blood of the Lamb (which was provided for us, by Jesus), and by the word of our testimony (which is up to us to provide, as Believers).

Now, at this time, we are not yet open, so we have no sponsors ‐‐ that is, no sponsors who have purchased display ads (if you will).

However, if you would like more information, about what various sponsors have been doing, or about what you might do (to “help” Jesus, as well as yourself, and other Believers, and also the lost), or about any of a number of things, please contact us.

To contact us, please click here.


Soldiers of the Spirit Ad